One Machine At a Time
Add date: 7.30.2024
Release date: 7.26.2024


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Shonali Bhowmik's musical roots developed in Nashville, Tennessee, where she began making music on an 8-track recorder with her childhood best friend Michelle Dubois. They became indie rock darlings under the name Ultrababyfat opening up for acts like Pavement and PJ Harvey while she was in law school. With nine full length albums under her belt, including three by her current band, Tigers and Monkeys and her 2011 full-length solo-debut 100 Oaks Revival, she is over the moon about her highly anticipated upcoming second solo release, One Machine At A Time.

On it, she touts her clever song-crafting skills and evocative lyrics, culminating in a genre-bending record that feels ubiquitous, yet unique to her own experience as an Indian woman from Nashville, Tennessee. Each track on One Machine At A Time unfolds new breadth and depth, exploring different genres and eras of music, yet when taken together, cohesively carry the listener into her universe and through a carefully curated and well-rounded album.

The strength and bravery of her artistic drive is rooted in the steadfast support of her mother and father, professors who immigrated to the United States from India and constantly encouraged her musical career. It is, in part, thanks to this influence that Shonali’s music is so emotional and impactful. Her voice grabs you by the heart and pulls, her lyrics evoking memories, but remaining equally present and grounded.

One Machine At A Time honors Shonali’s father, Dr. Dilip Kumar Bhowmik, who recently passed away after a life of kindness, humor and academic achievement. The album’s cover art, a photo of a young Shonali taken by her father, demonstrates their lasting connection. She dedicates the song “Firefly” to him, asking “what do you tell yourself to light the sky when no one sees you?” The spark within her father continues to fuel Shonali’s artistic life. Now she says “Farewell, sweet one” and shows how, in the face of loss, how her delicate spark shines on.