“Life In The Past Lane” (Single)
Add date: 4.30.2024
Release date: 4.26.2024

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About “Life In The Past Lane”:

“The song is really about moving on, like seeing things from the rear view mirror. In fact, I guess most of my songs are about that, transitioning, changes, and moving through life. At the time I wrote this, I was working in a liquor store trying to grapple with quitting my then-band (Whiskey Shivers), and the uncertainty and change that would bring to my life as a person, and as a musician. Ultimately, it’s a little kaleidoscopic look into the past. A way for me to write it out and leave it there without being consumed by it.”

About San Gabriel:

Austin bedroom-pop musician San Gabriel is a crafter of dreamy, nostalgic pop songs, written and recorded in an East Austin liquor store.

Named after the river where he spent countless summer nights learning guitar and jamming with childhood bands, San Gabriel features 3-time Austin Music Award recipient James Bookert (Whiskey Shivers/Wild Child) splitting duties as writer, singer and multi-instrumentalist.

After having gained experience writing with musicians like with Trinidad James, Raissa, producers Nate Donmoyer, Odie, and sharing the stage with DJ Khaled, Anna Kendrick, & Rebel Wislon (Pitch Perfect 3), Bookert began writing and recording under the name San Gabriel behind the counter at a liquor store as a way to entertain himself during his night shifts.

Fusing 80’s style synth hooks with modern reverb-drenched guitars and synthesizers, San Gabriel creates a kaleidoscopic, nostalgic dream-pop sound.

The balance of the surreal imagery and open nature of the lyrics became an important focus for our project. The words  articulate feeling and memory in a way that can keep them close and eternal. We thought a lot about how to make these words into sounds and explored how to reference specific places and moments with tones and textures: the ocean, dirt, worms, loss, flowers, worry, light and shadow. Can the drums be a beach? How can a horn be the sunlight? What notes can appear and then vanish like a cloud or a bird? 

Nine days after we began I packed up and drove back to Indiana having experienced one of the most meaningful and lovely creative experiences of my life. I am so grateful to Amelia and my friends in Durham for making this record. Art and friendship are true gifts that we can share with each other and it can keep on going forever.