Everyone Laughs
(Strange View Records)
Add date: 3.12.2024
Release date: 3.8.2024

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Blasting onto the punk scene at 3000 PSI, high energy rippers Powerwasher are peeling the paint off with their latest DIY contribution Everyone Laughs. With this addition, these Baltimore punks have expanded their sound beyond their post-punk roots, pulling in more shoegaze-like texture, heavier early post-hardcore riffs, and 80’s New York No Wave skronk- delivering their fans a jaw-dropping and explosive artifact. While heavier and more experimentally elastic, the group manages to retain their knack for catchy hooks and memorable riffing. The lyrics are dense, thought provoking and abstract, reading like the ramblings of a manic artist working through intense catharsis, and delivered in many fashions- chaotic and spastic yelling, dialed spoken word, and melodically sung choruses. “Same Time / Same Channel” Could be a college radio hit, while “1-900-POWERWASHER” feels like a demented homage to James Chance. These run the gamut. This record is plotted and composed with a clear and meticulous art-punk vision. Powerwasher bare their teeth with Everyone Laughs- an undoubtedly provocative, innovative, and replayable rock n roll pipe bomb. - Sims Hardin