Comix Sonix
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Add date: 6.25.2024
Release date: 6.21.2024

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Comix Sonix: the Further Adventures of a Man Who Does Not Exist

In the kaleidoscopic realm of sonic marvels, there emerges a figure both enigmatic and extraordinary—a man whose existence is as nebulous as the melodies he orchestrates. His name echoes through the annals of imagination, yet no one truly knows him; an enigma forever shrouded in a fuzzy veil of mystery and music.

Who Are You?

Who has recorded a 40,000 BC mammoth bone flute, resurrecting ancient echoes from the dawn of humanity? Who has traversed the warp and weft of time, building a Megamix from divergent futures, weaving a narrative that defies the constraints of creative endeavor? Who paints a soundscape where a deceased rock star wails on a song about a desperado's life-after-death journey, a chronicle that commences in the aftermath of a fatal gunfight? And in another composition, captures the resounding echo of the Big Bang, chronicling humanity's epic saga from genesis to the final destiny? What about a collaboration with the most endowed of all men, introducing the world's largest cowbell with a swaggering declaration: "MINE’S BIGGER!"?

Who has crafted all these wonders of artistry and ventured even further into the unknown? No one. And that no one is Pepe Deluxé —our man of mystery and music —and within his aural canvas lies a universe of unparalleled creativity. However, he is not to be mistaken for Pepe Deluxe the Swiss hair artist, for Deluxé without the accent is like a gentleman without a hat—a contradiction in terms.

Really, WHO are you?

So, what do we really know about this man who does not exist? At the age of 27, he’s the only son of an enigmatic single parent bearing the moniker ;Goldfinger,' and constantly embarking on musical odysseys with 'The Fellowship of Extraordinary Gentlefolk,' a modern version of the legendary studio collective 'The Wrecking Crew.' 

Captained by Paul Malmström from New York, an explorer of worlds both known and unknown, and James Spectrum from Helsinki, Baron of Sealand (retd.), the reverberations of Pepe Deluxé’s moving shadow have resonated far and wide. From snowboard flicks to Hollywood films, from charity projects to global TV campaigns by iconic brands, from Angry Birds Go to UK chart-topping albums by The Prodigy… the Deluxé influence even permeates the realms of politics, as witnessed in the French Presidential elections. And their music can be found in the most unusual of places, including the caves deep down underground in Virginia (the largest musical instrument in the world) and the private collection of Sweden’s Crown Princess Victoria.

The Monty Python saying "and now for something completely different" perfectly summarizes the engine that drives Pepe. It is that perpetual change, the oscillation between low and high, the underground and the recognized, that is perhaps the most accurate answer to not 'what', but 'who' Pepe is.

Comic Books and Sonic Booms

The latest chapter in the Deluxé saga delves even deeper into uncharted territories. The title Comix Sonix is a testament to the visual and action-packed 3-D nature of the music, where the soundscapes transcend boundaries, akin to a vibrant, explosive, and ever-moving sonic comic book. Each hook, every groove, is a story in itself, intertwined into a tapestry of feelings, and with references from pop culture, all beneath a playful smile.

To evoke those feelings, Comix Sonix effortlessly brings together a multitude of genres and instruments. The album showcases a plethora of extraordinary devices, each with its unique story. Among them are nearly two dozen gems from experimental designer Bart Hopkin’s 'Instrumentarium'—a treasure trove of over 100 unique one-off instruments. The album’s collection also includes the American Airlines 747 coach lounge Wurlitzer, caressed by the fingers of Frank Sinatra, Jr., the world’s oldest known musical instrument, the aforementioned 40,000 BC mammoth bone flute, and the 19th-century lithophone, Richardson’s Rock Harmonicon, once cherished by Queen Victoria herself. Even the piano of the airship Hindenburg is there, resurrected from the ashes with modern technology.

Outstanding musicians were Motown’s top 'secret weapon', and the same goes for Pepe. This time the Deluxé Fellowship comprises performers such as Tuukka Haapaniemi, one of the greatest and most versatile basses ever existed, Mr. Fastfinger, who uses his six string to slice sonic salami and animate a biplane battling pterodactyls, Owen Egerton, a novelist, filmmaker, stage comedian & human sampler, and even the original Pepe founding member DJ Slow, who brings things to full circle with his old-school hip-hop treats. 

In addition to serving us those In Sounds from Way Out, Pepe also possesses, thanks to a lifetime of reading, the lyrical ability to blend Victorian poetry, ancient Chinese philosophy, global political discourse, sacred texts, scientific intricacies, utter nonsense, and a myriad of other enchantments, seamlessly integrating them with the sparkles of the music. 

What about The Music itself?  

How can one portray the sonic charms that Pepe Deluxé conjures? In the words of Finnish National Radio’s distinguished journalist Pekka Laine, who ventured deep into the heart of the record, “'Saddle That Wind', 'Earth Boys are Easy', and 'Sweet Baby Sun' form a radiant continuum. Soulful. Expansive. Enchanting. Evocative. Standing on the threshold of a profound, psychedelic experience. The echoes of Syd Barrett's spirit dance within the fractures of consciousness, illuminated by an enigmatic light.”

In the rhythmic whirlwind of the song “Wise Monkeys and The Devil,? “futuristic sonic explorations merge seamlessly with soul, funk, and hip-hop, anchored by beats reminiscent of a golden age”. In turn, the record’s Magnum Opus, “Back from the Futures with Goldfinger and K,” draws inspiration from the film Everything, Everywhere, All at Once, and dives into other dimensions and possible tomorrows through music. According to Mr. Laine, it’s “a cosmic sonic cathedral—a solitary creation that defies the ordinary and pushes the boundaries of perception”, “teasing the senses with psychedelic-prog intensity”.

Label under “Deluxé”

Pepe Deluxé's Comix Sonix is indeed more than just an album; it's an invitation to journey across space and time, a ticket to enter a world where music transcends the bounds of reason. An exploration of the nearly limitless possibilities of sound and storytelling. Assembled with meticulous attention to detail, this creation stands as a testament to the quirkiness that defines Pepe Deluxé's artistry. 

Yet like with Schrödinger’s cat, every attempt at defining Pepe and putting him in a box is always both right and wrong. Instead of being an answer, Pepe is a question, a riddle: 

'No one, not two, yet more than the many. Who am I?' 

Or perhaps an escape, a dream, an audacious venture into the uncharted, where the absurd transforms into profound understanding and enlightenment. As Mr. Laine so eloquently phrases it: “Why craft albums? The point is to do the undoable, the illogical—making albums is the sensible act of embracing the nonsensical.”

Welcome to Comix Sonix - the Further Adventures of a Man Who Does Not Exist, where every note is an invitation to uncover the secrets of a world that defies definition.

P.S. Before Amr and Khalid founded Pepe’s label Catskills Records, they ran a comic shop. However, the business was sold when the brothers realized that they’d serve humanity the best by becoming Evil Record Company Bosses.