What Is Music
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Add date: 7.9.2024
Release date: 6.28.2024

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klark sound is the solo project of Atlanta based multi-instrumentalist klark. From solo, trio, to large ensemble, klark sound will take shape according to the needs of the music. Some lineups have seen vibraphone and horns, while more recently a traditional two guitar, bass and drums setup is supported by backup singers and a percussionist. Klark’s musical influences and output traverses many genre lines, but quite often is described as a cross between James Taylor, Zappa and 70s Brazilian MPB. While almost all of Klark's recordings are done by him alone playing all the instruments, the translation into the live domain brings a fresh musical perspective only found through the collaborative lense of multiple musicians. The live band transmits this experience with virtuosic energy and intent; yet without gimmick, and through the illusion that is the art of music, a genuine joy and selflessness shines through.

For the album What Is Music:

Klark charms us with his soothing vocal harmonies and then blasts us with kick-ass guitar solos on his latest record What Is Music. The album is an invitation into Klark’s deepest vulnerabilities as an artist, where finding his identity and voice is contrasted with a near death experience that left his guts literally spilled onto the ground over a decade ago. Struggling with how he is perceived by the world despite his other-worldly musical talent, Klark puts all of his moods and colors on display with heart wrenching songs about love, imposter syndrome, and the meaning of music itself. This record is unlike any other you will listen to this year. There are no production gimmicks, song features, or session players. This is Klark playing every instrument, each performance largely unprocessed and captured for the raw energy and spirit in which it was created.