Over Promise, Almost Deliver
Add date: 4.30.2024
Release date: 4.24.2024

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Originating from Chicago IL, Iris Blue combine catchy riffs, skillful drums, and melancholic melodies to create the perfect blend between a fun yet pessimistic sonic.

Singer and guitar player Quinn Pokora and drummer Dave Catanese met while auditioning for another band. After a few practices Dave pulled Quinn over on the side of the highway and asked if he wanted to start a band. And just like that Iris Blue came to fruition. Fast forward 2 years and the two would become roommates and best friends. After recording their first EP in November 2022, Entertainment Now, Dave and Quinn recruited their good friends Alec Montoya and Will Garza to start playing shows and writing music.

Iris Blue takes inspiration from bands like Manchester Orchestra, Microwave, Peach Pit, and Backseat Lovers, and they’ve combined these influences on their new EP Over Promise, Almost Deliver. The band has been playing shows across the Midwest with plans to hit the East Coast late 2024.