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Add date: 5.28.2024
Release date: 5.24.2024

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Improvement Movement at its core is a psychedelic-folk quartet based in Atlanta, Georgia. The larger organization exists as an outlet for song sharing amongst the band's friends and community. The band was formed in 2016 by Tony Aparo, Tim Friesen, and Zach Pyles when the trio was invited to a remote cabin by Marshall Ruffin to do some experimental writing and recording. What came of that week in isolation would lead to multiple line-ups and variations of the group over the next 4 years with a handful of independent releases and several 7” collaborations with Chunklet Industries. In the Summer of 2020, the band was back down to a trio with Tony, Zach, and Marshall wondering what the future held as the world entered into lockdown. They enlisted Clark Hamilton (Klark Sound) to play guitar in 2021 and made the decision to release their debut LP Don't Delay, Join Today via Acrophase Records in 2022.

In the winter of 2022, the quartet began writing and making demos at Tony’s house with the intent of creating something uniquely and equally shared; all songs for this new LP would be written and sung by all members. With a batch of songs and concepts ready to go by the spring of 2023, Improvement Movement enlisted longtime friend and collaborator Garrett Sale (William Wild, Bill SEO) to produce and record the new material at Pink Moon in Knoxville, TN. The band spent two weeks at Pink Moon and a few weeks back at home overdubbing and editing, and by the summer this new LP (affectionately called Slump) was complete.

Slump will be released on May 24th, 2024 via Public Access Group accompanied by 4 live performances at Garrett Sale’s cliffside studio in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA directed by David.eo.

Here’s what Public Access Group CEO Joel Rogers had to say about the album:

“S L U M P

an Experience in Sound and Colour, made lovingly for Audiences of All Ages, Philosophies & Phenotypes

however some of the 'slumpiest' portions of the materials included may in fact NOT be suitable for 'Adults' so consumer discretion is still reluctantly advised

Any and All proceeds collected from the sale of this 'slumpy' stuff will hereby And hitherto be aggressively divested from PAG to be distributed in randomized portions Quarterly and in perpetuity to the many various members of IM (Unltd) for the purposes of relieving them from poverty And / Or purchasing even more outdated and unreliable musical / recording equipment ie accouterments et al infinitum etc

this Nine Part AudioVisual offering has been provided by Improvement Movement in partnership with Public Access Group and / for discerning consumers just like You

ideally but not explicitly to be used during the operation of medium to heavy machinery 

further details are to be provided at a date yet to be determined as deeper research develops but until then we appreciate you for perpetually pardoning our progress”