Genuine Pleasure
(The Animal Farm)
Add date: 2.13.2024
Release date: 11.3.2023

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Genuine Leather has been around for a while – since 2011 – but you probably haven’t heard of them. That’s because Chris Galis, the singer/songwriter behind Genuine Leather, has kept it mostly contained to himself, friends, and the local music scene in Austin, TX. Sure, the project has had some favorable press coverage over the years – both for their songs and their live shows – but they’ve never taken it that seriously. Up until now, Genuine Leather has mostly been an outlet for Galis’ songwriting and a great excuse to hang out with friends who have been in and out of various bands together over the years. Weekly practices evolved into parking lot beer-for-beer drinking sessions where they’d talk about how they want to sound like The White Stripes, or Prince, or The Replacements, or Tame Impala, or Tears for Fears, and whether or not Greta van Fleet is a good band or not.

Since its inception, Chris Galis has self-released 3 full lengths (Genuine Leather LP, Losers, Brunch), 3 EPs (Crude Magic, Barb Wire, Donnie & the Smokes), and a smattering of singles (People Just Like You / Feel It, Jeff Jazz, Sweet Spot / This Town, So Many Ways) scattered throughout the band’s Spotify, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud. With each release, Genuine Leather has sailed through genres and influences, at times sounding like a slacker indie blog-rockers, then sleazy guitar rock auteurs, then breezy folk-driven songsmiths, then glam aficionados, and – in their final form – synth pop enthusiasts. But no matter their reference points, at each turn, the songwriting was always the focus – Genuine Leather has and always will be in pursuit of The Great Song.

Unknowingly, Galis had pigeonholed himself as a home recording/DIY low fidelity project, and that’s not where his ambitions ended. Galis decided to dig deep on a set of songs that would be a large step forward in his own personal musical growth, and a departure for Genuine Leather.

Where, in the past, his MO was to write a song, record it as quick as possible, and release it, for this go-around, he got patient, focused in on his craft and refined his approach. He got better at the technical stuff: recording, mixing, editing. He took his time on the creative stuff: lyrics, instrumentation, arrangements. All of this led to a cohesive set of 6 songs that draw a line in the sand between it and everything that came from before.

In fall of 2022, Galis teamed up with The Animal Farm, a UK-based label, to help him refine his approach and develop other key components of being an artist that is taken seriously.