Stay Moist
Add date: 7.9.2024
Release date: 6.28.2024

About Beccs:

beccs is an indie pop artist hailed as one of NYLON Magazine’s “favorite cool girls”, A John Lennon Songwriting Finalist, and an “indie-pop vocalist of astonishing candor” by the HuffPost. Holding up a mirror to herself and society at large, beccs confronts and heals audiences with a soul-stirring voice that is as dynamic as it is vulnerable. Steeped in music from birth, fearless on stage from childhood, beccs – Becca Gastfriend at the time – was an innate songbird. She moved to New York to study acting at Tisch School of the Arts, where she began gigging and making her first record. Blending a playful modern songwriting with a powerful voice akin to classic 60’s Laurel Canyon, the indie pop artist has been critically acclaimed by Refinery29, NYLON, Atwood Magazine, Huffington Post Queer Voices, Popdust, LADYGUNN and featured on The BUILD Series with Monet X Change from RuPaul’s Drag Race for her queer-inclusive Christmas music video "Before This Christmas Ends". The SXSW Official Artist opened for Pussy Riot at Adhoc x Audiofemme’s unofficial SXSW showcase in March 2024 in Austin TX. beccs’ forthcoming EP stay moist is a bold, edgy indie pop record “bursting with color, soulful vocals…[and] a hook you won’t get out of your head.” –The Daily Skimm. 
stay moist is a bold, edgy, colorful indie pop record filled with maximalist pop production, show-stopping vocals and some serious earworms. Spanning its sonic and emotional range, the EP features a range of collaborators, including Ian Chang from Son Lux and pop feminist force, Bitch.

About stay moist

beccs had coined the term stay moist during the pandemic when she would find herself crying. To bring levity and a sense of connection to these episodes, she would take a snotty selfie and post it to her Instagram grid with the caption “stay moist”. What started as a coping mechanism in isolation soon turned into a motto of resilience, motivation, growth, and most importantly - whimsy.

Each song on this EP reflects and confronts difficult, shameful, even ugly parts of oneself. By allowing pain and trauma to move through like water instead of getting lodged inside, we can all ‘stay moist’ as a way to remain honest, authentic and glistening through our healing. Tracks like “Good Comin’” and “Rage In My Veins” show the craft of a songwriter in her prime, taking struggles that often connote shame and bringing universality to them with hooks that leave listeners humming long after the song’s end.

beccs shares, “To ‘stay moist’ is essentially my roadmap towards emotional regulation as an adult in a dysregulated world. It is the sensation of having room to move and carry water – an antidote to the hardening that has plagued so many. It can be fun and playful, dark and brutal, or sweet and salty. To “stay moist” deconstructs healing and allows it to be messy. It turns healing, rather than an event, into a lifestyle.”